Flight 4 the Cure-

When being asked what it is exactly my business does and where I hope it to go, I always stutter for a brief second, there are so many things going through my head at once I can never decide where I want to begin. Then I realize I should just start at Day 1, that would make the most sense.


Here’s to my Guardian Angel

            Sitting within a plain white hospital room, my palms sweating, and heart racing has been something I’ve had to endure in my past. Though my underarms were soaked in sweat and inside I was thinking of the worst, I was lucky. The doctor that was soon to walk through that door was going to tell me I was cancer free, but what I had was simply celiac disease; however, for my father this had not been the case.

My parents had married young; they had been college sweethearts and were truly in love. After a year they tried to have children, but their wildest dreams were not coming alive as they hoped. Eight years. They called me their miracle baby and were proud, happy parents. Eighteen months later my father went in with a checkup. He had been having some pain and weakness and he knew there was something that was off. The news he was about to get in the next hour, however, was not the news he expected. Cancer was the diagnosis.

Timothy Jordan, my father, was diagnosed with Leukemia, when I was only a year and a half. When my parents discovered the news jumped right in. My father was transferred to a hospital in Minnesota where he would spend 100 days, if he made it through those 100 days and all of the chemo therapy and treatment, he could come home, and they would pronounce him in remission. Ninety-eight days in my mother accompanied my father into his appointment. The nurse first took his temperature, standard procedure, discovering then he had a fever. My mother begins to get very angry with him, but before the appointment even began he knew he wasn’t feeling right, my fathers excuse then was “we are so close,”. My father had two days left of treatment and he could go home.

For my mother and father, this had been one of those moments where they wished there was a rewind or pause button. If they could have just paused this moment, holding one another’s hands so tight their fingers were growing blue, and for one second not have had to think of cancer. Or even get the chance to rewind so my father could have spoken up when he felt something was off. If only they had known then what they know now.

My father’s illness had entered his brain where the medicine could not reach. After hearing his options that all included ‘experimental’ in the name he decided to be flown home. In the company of his family, he passed two days later. Those days no longer remain in my memory, but I have an amazing family to remind me, as well as an abundance of pictures.

I have heard that ‘time heals everything’, and maybe for some cases this is true, but loosing a loved one is not one of those cases. Growing up not being able to experience a father-daughter dance, or doughnuts with dad, inspired me to want to do something about it. I once was that girl that would sit beside my fathers grave for hours asking god why cancer had to take his life, now I believe everything happens for a reason.

First I thought I wanted to be an oncologist, which lasted through elementary and middle school. But in high school things changed. I realized from being in the hospital myself that I was not as much of a fan of blood and needles as I thought. My pains first began within the stomach region, I could not eat anything without being uncomfortable, I was in and out of hospitals for months with no answer. Sitting in a boxed in room with only the entertainment of a television doesn’t help time pass easily. Every few hours a nurse came in to draw my blood, so one hour I decided I’d check out the roller coaster of blood. Sweat began forming on the back of my neck, my stomach got queasy, and lights began forming around the room. On top of this the thought of not waking up from anesthesia when going in to get my endoscope caused my face to become damp with tears. This all caused me to realize medicine was not for me and I had a greater purpose to fill.

I believe the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. Cancer sucks, plain and simple. But rather than sitting around and letting it cause other young girls to miss the father daughter dance I want to get out there and change that. I believe somewhere there is a cure for cancer, we may not find it today, this year, or even in my lifetime; but I believe that someday it will be found. In order to find that cure though researches need the right equipment.

There are so many different ways one can go about providing help to those who need it. For me it is my business, but for others it could be as simple as participating in a relay for life, or donation lose change to a hospital in your area, or even collecting the tabs off of your soda pop cans to share with the Ronald McDonald house.

I may be only eighteen years old, and know a small amount about owning my own business, but I believe in mine. Less than a year ago I entered a business class, one in which helps students form his or her own business. I made a sketch of angel wings and began to think of some things I was good at. Making scarves and having a sense for fashion has always been a skill of mine. My floors began to look as though I had gotten a new rug, a rug of scarves. Six months later my sketch became reality and I found myself shopping for a professional outfits to meet with the head of donations at University Hospitals in Cleveland. Half the profits I make from selling my handmade crocheted scarves and bracelets are to be donated there, and now I get to see and meet those who my donations, or rather my supporters donations, are affecting.

Someone once told me whatever I do my father will be proud, but many told me the route I was taking would not bring in enough money to support myself. Here I am only a few months into my business and I now have $1000 in revenue, granted that is not a lot but for an 18 year old who just came up with idea merely a few months ago this is a dream come true.

Today I can stand at my dads’ grave, my feet sinking in the grass above where he lies, and tell him about all the amazing things going on in my life; all the amazing things he inspired. Although my dad may not by physically here with me I know he is right by my side every step of the way. If my business can make a difference in ones life I will have succeeded.

Looking down at my fathers’, Timothy J. Jordan, signature tattooed on my foot every day enables me to remember what it is I believe my purpose in life to be. He may never be able to physically give me advice, but I believe he has his ways.  For he has guided me in this direction, and I believe it is the journey I must take.

As my family, friends and I call it, that little C known as cancer should not overpower ones life, one should overpower cancer. Life is short, plain and simple, and cancer affects so many and tears so many away from us, it can use all the support it can get. I believe we have the power to change the lives of so many with something so simple. There will no longer be women walking down the aisle alone, no young girls afraid to ask daddy to buy them tampons, no sisters becoming an only child, no brothers missing having someone to pick on, no mothers losing their babies, no fathers losing their biggest fan. The ability to keep loved ones with us as long as we possibly can, could have so much power.


– I hope you enjoy my story, and are as passionate as I am about joining this cause. Thanks for listening!

Best Wishes,

Krista Jordan [CEO]


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