DSC_0079Can I just say- I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. As well as a mother that is irreplaceable. I am one lucky girl to say the least.

As you see above I got my spring looks finished- with the help of my wonderful mother- and am oh so excited. There isn’t one that I wouldn’t wear. In fact I am going to wear one to class this-morning. My spring looks come in single or double wraps, and are all very light fabrics, so you can even wear them all summer. They come in the color of your choice and I like to use detailed fabrics. Such as right now I am wearing a white scarf- but it has visible white polka dots. I like to add my style to these scarves but also allow you to add yours.

In the means of what I have been up to lately- well a lot. I am working on finishing all my winter looks and getting them sold, so if you are still looking for winter- I have plenty of those to go around. I am working to get my scarves known at Kent State University by working with sororities and fraternities which will be fun. I am also planning my University Hospital fundraiser- a lot to do but I am thrilled this is all coming together.

Thanks everyone for your help- let me know if you want spring styles- my site should be up and running soon!

Best wishes,

Krista Jordan

DSC_0061 (2) DSC_0102 (2)DSC_0020 DSC_0077 (2)


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