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Hello everyone! On this freezing Wednesday I took the time to learn something knew. It is what they call “arm knitting”, and after about 30 tries I finally got it down and this here is what I created. I love it, it is comfy and warm but also light and easy to move around and place the way you want. I love this and want to keep it for myself but I am sure someone will steal it up.

I do not have much to report about today, tomorrow I have a meeting with Blackstone Launchpad which is a program for entrepreneurs at Kent State to get some help, advice, and connections so I am very excited about that. I hope Flight 4 the Cure will become a new fad on campus- that would be awesome. Then Friday I meet with the Cleveland Clinic in Medina- where I live- to get my scarves into their gift shops. I am so very excited with everything being thrown my way. I haven’t gotten much me time to catch up on my favorite shows, because everytime I have me time I end up falling asleep, I am very worn out lately. And my arthritic fingers are hating me, but this is all so worth it!

If you have any orders still through my email, I am meeting this Saturday to get my site up and running here. But for now – Flight4thecure@yahoo.com

Thanks again everyone, stay warm



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