Hey Everyone, today Id like to take the time to thank those supporting me but also bring a few exciting new things. So first off I will tell you about the new exciting things going on in the world of Flight 4 the Cure.

My handmade charms, designed to my liking, and an official Flight 4 the Cure wing is going to be finished by the end of march. The finish is going to be a silver like metal and the wing is also going to be flat on the back, so if anyone wishes to do engraving this will be where it can be put. I am so excited and cannot wait to have them finished. Also I would like to let everyone know about some more exciting news, Flight 4 the  Cure is officially international – I just had my first order from England, yay! Also scarves will be in University Hospitals gift shops as well as the Cleveland Clinic hospital gift shop soon. This I am really thrilled about.

Secondly I would like to say I have not made bracelets for F4TC in a while but had some requested from a while ago so today I finally got my two orders out. When I did so I wondered why I ever stopped making them as much, people love them, myself included. I make two kinds, one that is just a bracelet (above) and one that can be a bracelet that wraps four times or a necklace. These are 15$ each and can be personalized to your liking as well!

Now to share with you all my lovely supporters I have been raving about. If you know about instagram I put a lot of my scarves up as examples there, but I am not the only one, a lot of my supporters do as well so I wanted to share some pictures.

IMG_2444 IMG_2443 IMG_2439 IMG_2438 IMG_2441 IMG_2440

I want to thank everyone again for this amazing support. It means the world to me.

P.s. The website should be done soon, woo!

Lots of love, stay safe



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