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Happy early Valentines Day!

I have scarves laying all around my place, they cover my floor more than my clothing. So you all better get to buying. Anyways I have a few updates, I had a meeting with University Hospitals and it was over the top amazing. The Seidman Cancer Center is AMAZING and I am so proud to say that is where half, I said it, HALF, my profits will go. Some exciting things about the meeting was, I am looking into getting my scarves into the hospital gift shops and I get to begin some fundraisers. The amazing passion and wanting to work with me brought tears to my eyes by the end of the day. I am so excited to begin this journey and am so thankful for all the people supporting me and this cause.

Anyways, back to the most important thing, those scarves of mine. Anyone looking to order is going to have to go through me for now, for my website is under construction. (Flight4thecure@yahoo.com) Props to my amazing friend of mine Sarah Griffith for designing the site for me, I am so blessed to have her helping me.

Things I need to know when you are ordering…

Thick or Thin yarn- Above is thin and thick are shown in some of my other photos

Color you would like- I have any color imaginable

If you would like Infinity (double or single wrap) or a normal scarf design

Thanks again everyone for your support, it means more than words can describe.



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