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“It’s the Support that keeps the House Standing”. This quote reminded me that I would be no where without all of yours support, and I just wanted to remind you all of how thankful I am to have you all in my life. This journey for me has just begun and I cannot wait  to take this as far as it can go. But not without your help, for all of you are my stilts.

photo (6)I have had many questions about orders that I would like to address before going any further

        Q: How do I place an order?

A: Right now I am in the process of putting together for my website, as well as putting together my presentation for the investors, so orders at the moment are going through me. You can email your order to flight4thecure@yahoo.com. I need the color you’d like, whether you want double or single wrapped, and whether you want a thick yarn or a softer more flexible.

photo (7)            Q: What does a single wrap and double wrap look like?

A: To the left I have some different options to pick from. The top one is a double wrap with thick yarn, and the bottom to on the left are single wraps with thick yarns. At the bottom I have provided  you with options of double wraps with softer yarns.

           Q: How much do they cost

 A: The single wraps cost 30$, and the double wraps cost $40 whether you want soft flexible yarn or a

photo (17)thicker yarn. Also REMEMBER half of what you’re paying I am donating to University Hospitals amazing cancer research center which they will use to get closer to finding a cure for cancer.

          Q: If I am ordering it and it needs to be shipped how do I get the money to you?

          A: I am currently working out arrangements for PayPal, but until I am able to get that set up, you may  send either cash, or check (made out to Krista Jordan) to my home address. Which I will give you when you place your order.

 I just want to thank all of you looking to support my business and this cause again, it means so much to me as well as so many others who are looking for the cure to be found. Not only are you supporting a good cause but you are supporting my dream of a lifetime. So thank you all.

I owe all of you keeping up with my blog an update, so here it is. My grandmother is doing just fine as of now and has many doctors appointments in the future weeks to figure out how to handle that pingpong ball sized tumor on her left temporal lobe. Also my great Aunt starts chemo on the 28th of January, which is coming up sooner then we’d like. Also my semester at Kent University just started on the 14th of January and I just finished out my second week, all is going well and my amazing new friends are jumping to support me left and right, which means more then I can describe. I am so excited to keep pursuing this dream and am happy to stay home on my Friday nights creating scarves for you all.

photo (14)photo (16) photo (8)

Stay safe in all this snow, and let me know if you need a nice scarf to keep you warm!

Lots of love – Krista


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