IMG_2035December 15, Happy Birthday to the all so wonderful Tim Jordan, my father. When I was 18 months old my father was diagnosed with Leukemia. He was a tough one though, he and my mother flew to Minnesota for treatment. He had one hundred days there, and a few days before he was supposed to head home he went in for a check up, only to find out he had a fever. Clearly he knew he wasn’t feeling well but being the stubborn guy he was he didn’t want to disappoint the love of his life, my mother. The disease he had gotten was treatable, but it traveled to a part of his brain where the medicine was not able to reach. There were some experimental offers, but none would be sure to work. He made the decision to come home and be with the family, and a few days later he was an angel up in heaven. Being so young I did not understand, and as I grow older I forget more and more, but my amazing family never seizes to remind me of memories of him they have as well as oh so many pictures. I miss him dearly and I believe there is a cure out there, a cure that can save fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, and family and I want to say that when that day comes I contributed to finding that. I hope everyones wants to have that same feeling to know that they had a part in helping find ways to save so many others. So here is your chance to help me help them.

I also want to share another amazing story I got the honor of hearing this week. A friend of mines mom got diagnosed years ago with breast cancer. First she started with radiation and surgery instead of chemo. At the end of her treatments she was admitted into the hospital with a staph infection, causing her to become very weak. Her family feared losing her, but being the strong women she is, she made it through. Following this they found out the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, she then started chemo immediately. After finishing chemo her and her family believed this was the end to one long journey. But the beginning of this past summer she got diagnosed with bone cancer and now is in the process of starting treatment for that. To say the least this women is strong, words cannot describe how truly inspiring she is. Not once has she given up, through the toughest of times she has prevailed. Amazing does not even cut it. I hope one day to meet this incredible women, but until then I am proud to say she will be wearing one of my handmade scarves. When making hers I decided to make it extra long and thick, for her journey has not been a short one yet her skin is so thick and strong. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.



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